White Sage, Wormwood, Mugwort, Ghost Plant

Valerie Finnis is prized for its velvety foliage that begs to be touched. Bright silver form with lance-shaped leaves and pale yellow flowers. Tiny inconspicuous, yellowish-gray flower heads form dense panicles at the stem ends in summer. Foliage is aromatic and looks terrific in arrangements and your flower beds.  Sold in quart container.


Artemisia are prized for their aromatic silver leaves, excellent texture and vigorous growth. They do not flower conspicuously, but are used for their contrasting foliage. Also excellent in flower arrangements.


Fast growing. Can be cut back in spring to control size. Can be sheared during the summer if needed - new foliage will flush out quickly.


Type:  Perennials
Height:  Medium 2'
Spacing:  Plant 18" apart
Bloom Time:  Late Summer to Early Fall
Sun-Shade:  Full Sun
Zones:  4-9
Soil Condition:  Normal, Sandy
Flower:  Silver
Accent:   Yellow
Pot Size:  3.5" square x 4" deep

Artemisia ludoxiciana Valerie Finnis