Early to mature, it can be planted successively for an extra-long season of great eating.  Sold as single plant.


An early-maturing cantaloupe renowned for its firm, aromatic, absolutely delicious flesh. Athena Hybrid is the gardeners' favorite for dependable performance and great holding power on the vine. This is a melon you don't have to rush to harvest, and every 5- to 6-pound fruit is super sweet, succulent, and delicious!


The vine spreads between 2 and 3 feet long, setting about 5 to 7 melons.


The fruit arises with coarse netting and salmon-colored flesh on vigorous plants that know how to withstand garden stresses. The fruit keeps its texture and flavor for a long time after maturity, remaining true on the vine even if you can't harvest it immediately. Resistant to cracking and very durable, it's a gardener's dream.

Athena Melon