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Smoky Charcoal Color, Rich Flavor!  Open-pollinated, so be sure to save the seeds for next year!  Sold as single plant.


An extraordinary beefsteak that has been grown and treasured for generations in its native Russia, Black Krim is as packed with flavor as it is with dark, rich color! These large, distinctive tomatoes are absolute tops for meaty, true tomato tang!


Reaching 8 to 12 ounces on average, this fruit arises on open-pollinated plants that keep bearing all season (indeterminate). Give them lots of support -- the stems need help holding up their bounty of big, heavy tomatoes!


Black Krim was discovered by a Swede visiting the Crimea region of Russia, and is also known as Black Crimea. It is renowned throughout Europe for its distinctive appearance and flavor, and we are delighted to make it available to Park gardeners. It is a good reliable grower as well as a gourmet taste treat.


Sweet and delicious, these tomatoes are also borne generously, so you can count on enjoying them all season. Plan on sowing every seed in the packet -- no matter how many Black Krim plants you grow, you'll wish you had more!

Black Krim Tomato