The First Currant Type to Win AAS Honors!  Each fruit is just ½-inch in diameter and ¼-ounce.  Sold as single plant.


At last, a currant tomato worthy of an All-America Selection award! Candyland Red Hybrid is the first ever to receive this honor, and when you grow it, you will see why!

The first thing you will notice is that the habit of this indeterminate vining plant is neat and restrained. If you've ever seen currant tomato plants before, you know that they are quite rangy and dense, with fruit arising deep inside the branches, where it's difficult to reach. Candyland Red puts a stop to all that nonsense with exterior fruit setting, simplifying your harvest and making it easier for the tomatoes themselves to receive the sunlight and water they need for maturation.

The second improvement is the yield. Expect more than 100 fruit from every plant -- Candyland Red sets its currant tomatoes in long clusters, like enormous bunches of grapes. The production is heavy and continues all season long on this vigorous, trouble-free plant.


The third and most important change is the flavor. Each dark red fruit is round, smooth, and just about half an inch in diameter, weighing in at ¼-ounce, yet every bit is packed with super sweet, rich flavor. You will quickly get used to grabbing a handful of Candyland Reds every time you enter the vegetable garden -- they're a wonderful snack straight off the vine!


Smaller than cherry tomatoes, currants are just one quick bite: intensely flavored yet so tiny! If you are new to growing this veggie, make Candyland Red Hybrid your way to start. The garden performance will astound you, and the flavor will satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way.

Candyland Red Hybrid Tomato