The Prettiest Hot Peppers Yet!  Ideal for using fresh or drying for spice!  Sold as single plant.


Display a rainbow of hot peppers in the garden or on the plate from this jazzy blend of red, yellow, purple, and orange varieties. The most attractive blend we have ever seen, these cayennes turn up the heat for lively salsas and sauces . . . not to mention their ornamental appeal when dried and strung!

Certified Organic, this blend from seed contains all the bright colors you love on tapered peppers about 3 inches long. They keep their colors even after drying, so you can grind them into bold spice mixes or use them as ornaments indoors and out.


Cayenne Mix is delicious for fresh eating, too. Stuff the small peppers for appetizer bites (hot hot HOT!), chop them into Mexican dishes, and add them to chili, bean bakes, and other casserole-style cuisine. They also do well on the grill, acquiring rich smoky accents when placed right on the hot coals!  Fertilize when the blooms appear, and water well.

Cayenne Blend Organic Pepper