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Deep purple trailing coleus with a lacy green border and a shock of hot pink in the center of the textured leaf. This is by far the most vigorous and sun tolerant trailing coleus of which we know, and it can trail up to 36". Heirloom variety that has been popular since the Victorian era. Sun tolerant.


Common Name: Coleus
Species name: Plectranthus scutellarioides
Hardiness: Tender perennial generally grown as an annual in the USA. Coleus will not survive a frost.
Exposure: Part sun or high shade for best color. 
Water: Keep evenly moist. Avoid soggy soil with good drainage. Do not allow to get completely dry.
Fertilizer: Fertilize regularly at half-strength or use timed-release fertilizer.
Soil: Use high-quality potting soil or plant in garden soil rich in organic matter.
Blooms: Flower spikes in shades of purple and blue. Keep flower buds pinched since unchecked blooming will cause the plant to go into decline.

Coleus Trailing Queen