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Exciting little addition to the miniature garden. Green cushions topped off with hot yellow flowers in early spring. Needs well-drained soil.  Sold in single container.


Also known as Alpine Whitlow-grass. This is an evergreen alpine plant that requires a well-drained rock garden, gravel scree or alpine trough for success. It forms a small tuft or hummock of narrow green leaves, bearing upright stems in very early spring that hold clusters of bright-yellow flowers. Plants do not usually divide successfully and are best increased from seeds or cuttings. Performs best in cool summer regions, but is surprisingly hardy. Keep this slow-growing bun-shaped plant away from more vigorous rock garden plants that may smother and kill it. Seems to prefer lime or neutral soils.


Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Type: Normal or Sandy Soil pH Neutral or Alkaline
Flower Color: Yellow

Blooming Time: Early Spring Mid Spring

Foliage Color: Deep Green

Landscape Uses: Alpine & Rock Containers

Drought Tolerant

Plant Type: Evergreen

Flower Head Size: Very Small

Height: 5-10 cm 2-4 inches

Spread: 15-20 cm 6-8 inches

Foot Traffic: None

Growth Rate: Slow

Draba Aizoides 'Alpine Draba'