Everyone's Favorite Hot Pepper, a Little Sooner than Usual!  Very heavy-yielding over a long season!  Sold as single plant.


Where would we be without the Jalapeno atop our nachos and chopped into our Mexican food? Now everyone's favorite hot pepper is available in Certified Organic seed form, for a heavy-bearing little plant that will keep you in great eating for months to come!


Just 3 to 4 inches long and about 1½ inches wide, these cone-shaped, thick-walled fruits are borne in great numbers on very vigorous plants. They are ready to pick when dark green, delivering a wallop of pure heat!


And if you want to keep pesky bugs out of the garden, edge it with Jalapeno plants! The hot fruit is a good deterrent to many destructive pests that want to nibble your vegetable garden to death.

Early Jalapeno Organic Pepper