Rich Heirloom Flavor, and So Easy to Grow!  Huge yields of nearly seedless fruit!  Sold as single plant.


One of the most beloved and influential heirloom varieties of all, German Johnson is a must-have for any garden of those who value rich tomato flavor, good production, and open-pollinated types for seed saving.


Discovered growing in West Virginia more than a century ago, German Johnson quickly became a favorite for its large, nearly seedless 1- to 2-pound fruits. The deep pink color is distinctive, but the real benefit is the flavor: creamy, tangy, meaty, and juicy. The fruits are lobed and resist cracking, growing to incredible size with just a bit of support from tomato cages or pens.


And German Johnson produces all season long. These vining plants are robust from the moment you set them out in spring, growing quickly, blooming heavily, and setting more fruit than you would believe possible. Very tolerant of heat and humidity, they love the long summers of warm climates, but also perform well in cooler weather.


German Johnson was used to breed the Depression-era bestseller Mortgage Lifter, and has become the parent of many a fine variety over the years. But we are spoiled, and think the original outdoes all its children for flavor, appearance, and yields!

German Johnson Tomato