Dense 5-inch heads of lilac-pink. They reach their peak just ahead of Mount Everest. Gladiator is effective when massed or planted in 3’s, 5’s or 10’s in a flower bed or mixed border. Extra-large bulbs.  Sold as individual bulb.


Deer Resistant

Note: Alliums are resistant to deer, but rodents such as voles and gophers may eat the bulbs.


Planting Instructions
Plant in full sun or light shade and well-drained soil. Sandy soil is ideal. Allium leaves begin to yellow by the time the flowers open. You can disguise the foliage by planting large alliums behind or among bushy perennials or shrubs, and small alliums among low-growing perennials. The flower heads of Globemaster and Christophii remain attractive for a time even after the color drains away. They can be left in the garden or cut and dried for use in indoor arrangements.

Gladiator Allium