Super-sweet Yellow Cherry!  Up to 70 fruit in each delicious cluster!


This exciting new Cherry Tomato from China sets a whole new standard for color and flavor! The very abundant fruit is a rich golden yellow, crack resistant and delicious. The sugar content is a whopping 10%, making this one of the sweetest Cherries ever grown. Yet the flavor is far more than merely sweet; it has a rich, fruity bite that is more substantial than you'd expect from such a small fruit. Golden Gem is an all-around delight!


This indeterminate plant sets enormous clusters of fruit -- expect anywhere from 20 to 70 round to globe-shaped Tomatoes in every bunch. It keeps growing throughout the season, forming an exceptionally tall plant with very dark, curled green leaves. So get your tallest stakes or cages ready for a long, very fruitful harvest!

Golden Gem Hybrid Tomato

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