A Trio of Mini Bells!  Contains Right on Red, Orange You Sweet, and Yes to Yellow.   Sold as single plant.


This trio of flattish, round 2-oz. fruits of bright red, rich yellow, and glowing orange will beguile you! Just 2 inches in diameter, they dangle like Christmas tree ornaments from vigorous, very compact plants. Grow them in containers or the garden for delicious eating and charming ornamental appeal!

This formula mix contains equal amounts of Right on Red, Orange You Sweet, and Yes to Yellow. All maturing within a few days of one another and identical in round, flattish shape and size, these mini peppers are superb for slicing and pickling. They have a small seed cavity, meaning you get an extra bite or two from every pepper. They may be picked green, but reach full flavor and nutrition content when allowed to mature to their individual bright, glossy colors. And they hold very well after harvest, so you don't have to rush to eat or can the whole crop at once!


Stuff these with goat cheese for the appetizer tray; dot them among the main protein for dinner; slice them into rings for snacking! There are so many ways to enjoy these charmers, with their sweet, juicy flavor that contains only a hint of spice.


And you don't need much space to grow these plants -- in fact, they will happily thrive in containers instead of the garden bed! Just 18 to 24 inches high, they are well-branched and sturdy, setting new fruit continuously (rather than in waves) all summer. Always beautiful!

Hungarian Stuffing Blend Pepper