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Compact plants and short flower stems are ideal for efficient, high density production. Grows 8 - 10 inches tall and 6 - 8 inches wide. Gerbera plants are a good bedding item, and of course a mainstay of the cutting garden. The Gerbera Daisy flower loves full sun or partial shade and appreciates deep, rich soil. Therefore, working in compost and other organics is helpful, and keep the soil evenly moist.   Sold in single containers.

  • Gerbera daisies can be grown indoors as house plants or outdoors in containers or flower beds
  • When planted outdoors, will generally grows as a perennial frost free zones. Only grows 8 - 10 inches tall.
  • Grows well in full sun or partial shade
  • Very long blooming perennial plant often flowering from Spring to Autumn

Jaguar™ Fire Dark Center Gerbera