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Eupatorium rugosum ‘Chocolate’
This easy-to-grow variety of Joe Pye Weed boasts mounds of dark, bronze-purple leaves and deep stems. Fragrant, pure-white flowers attract butterflies to the late summer garden and this compact variety grows to be 36-48" tall.  Sold in gallon container.


Rising to as tall as 3 or even 4 ft., Joe Pye Weed blooms with big hydrangea-like lavender blooms on the top of every stem in late summer and fall.
You see Joe Pye Weed over most of the east in roadside ditches, since it seeks sunny wet spots. It usually blooms with the goldenrods.


Attracts: Butterflies
Resistant: Deer, Rabbit
Light Requirements: Full Sun , Half Sun / Half Shade
Mature Plant Size: 36-48" tall , 24-36" wide
Bloom Time: Late summer to fall

Flower Size: 2-3" flowers
Mature Height: 36-48" tall
Estimated Mature Spread: 24-36" wide
Growth Rate: Medium

Landscape Uses: Good For Cut Flowers, Containers, Mass Plantings

Joe-Pye Weed Chocolate