This phenomenal Wisteria blooms profusely with large, lavender flower clusters before the foliage in spring, then amazingly reblooms during the growing season. This vine will grow 10 to 20 feet with support.  Sold in 3 gallon container.


The Wisteria 'Lavender Falls', Wisteria floribunda 'Betty Tam', is a phenomenal Wisteria that blooms profusely with 9-20 inch, pendulous, lavender flower clusters just before the foliage appears in the spring.


Then Lavender Falls amazingly reblooms during the growing season with smaller racemes. The lavender cascading racemes of 'Lavender Falls' have the scent of grape jelly, and they reappear two or three times during the summer!


The flowers naturally attract butterflies and hummingbirds!


This Japanese Wisteria quickly establishes a beautiful trellis or patio cover. The deciduous vines carry lovely; fragrant flowers and vigorous growth make them useful in a wide variety of settings, especially for patio covers or trellises.


Plants grow rapidly to 20 feet, and completely cover any structure they are allowed to cling to. This rampant growth is easily controlled (and flowering is encouraged) by regular pruning.

Lavender Falls grows in a wide range of soil types and moistures. It prefers a pH level between 5.0 and 8.0.


Plants thrive in full sun and they can thrive with some shade in hot Southern climates and average soil.  Use this plant in containers for porch, patio, or espalier onto trellis or arbor.  Beautiful Climbing Plant!


Mature Height: 10 - 20 feet
Mature Spread:  30 feet
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Type: Normal
Flower Color: Lavender
Foliage: Green

Lavender Falls Wisteria