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Ninebark are one of the easiest, most hardy decorative shrubs to grow. However up until now they have required significant space in the yard. If you thought you couldn't own a lovely Ninebark, think again. Little Devil Ninebark is a dwarf variety that improves upon all the others. Smaller, and far more adorable than other ninebarks, Little Devilprovides enhanced ornamental features while requiring less space.  Sold in 2 gallon container.


It's impossible to say too much about this gorgeous shrub. Its glossy, red-purple foliage screams out for attention in any setting. Little Devil's interior leaves tend more toward green, with red stems adding to the decorative appeal. In early summer, tiny white flowers appear, each with the slightest, subtle kiss of a pink hue. Reddish fruit arrives in fall. As your Little Devil matures, its exfoliating bark lives up to its "ninebark" name for even more color variation in your landscape.


Little Devil Ninebark has a upright, rounded form and is easy to maintain. Little Devil is adaptive to a variety of soils as well as being disease, pest and mi