A Container Roma, Flavorful and Abundant!  Pear-shaped 2- to 2½-inch-diameter tomatoes.  Sold as single plant.


One bite of this delicious Roma and you can believe that you're sitting at a trattoria in old Napoli, enjoying a plate of pasta! A container variety with a very compact habit and masses of pear-shaped fruit, Little Napoli Hybrid is a wonderfully flavorful tomato you will find yourself growing for many years to come.


The fruit is bright red, pear shaped, and 2 to 2½ inches in diameter at the base. Packed with meaty, rich, tangy flavor, it is ideal for canning and saucing. And because this determinate plant sets its crop all at once, you can schedule a big harvest and put up all your jars in a single weekend! Nothing is as satisfying as smelling the aroma of homemade tomato sauce fresh from your garden . . . unless it's passing around all those jars of sauce to friends and neighbors!


Expect this plant to reach just 12 to 18 inches high and to bush out 24 to 36 inches wide. It will need support in its container; it's going to set a BIG crop! Feed and water it just as you would your garden-grown tomatoes, checking the moisture level daily during the hottest summer weather. Excellent disease resistance means a generous harvest every time -- and at 63 days, Little Napoli finishes more quickly than many others.

Little Napoli Hybrid Tomato

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