This multiple award-winning rebloomer puts on a kaleidoscopic extravaganza when it flowers— which happens a lot.  Luminescent orange blooms have dark purple eyes and edges surrounding a chartreuse throat. Its distinguished honours include the 2010 Donn Fischer Memorial Award. Early flowering and reblooms in late summer to early fall.  Sold in one gallon container.


These low-set, fast-spreading flowers are the perfect remedy for problem areas in garden beds. Use them as edging plants in your borders, where their short-stemmed blooms can add more splendour to the landscape without blocking other, taller flowers from view. Grow them in pots and other containers for decoration. These compact daylilies will fit into any tight spot—and beautify it!


Height: 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

Spacing: 15-18 in. (38-45 cm) / 18-24 in. (45-60 cm)

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Sun to Partial Shade

Bloom Time: Early (E) / Reblooming (Re)

Flower Size: Miniature (less than 3" diameter)

Flower Type: Single

Bloom Color: Orange, Dark Purple/Black

Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater

'Madeline Nettles Eye' Daylily