Plectranthus scutellarioides
Splashy colors of yellow and lime add depth and interest to your garden pots and beds. This new sun or shade loving coleus appreciates some afternoon shade to look its ravishing best.  Sold in single container.


Coleus are often grown in containers that can be grouped with other shade lovers such as Begonia and Fuchsia to create instant gardens on the terrace. If planting in beds, make sure the soil is fertile and very well-drained. Many new coleus thrive in full sun, but if the leaves bleach try moving pots to afternoon shade. Coleus roots readily and can be re-planted slightly deeper than its previous depth in very well-drained soils, which will encourage fresh growth of roots as well as stems. Pinch back when planting to encourage a more bushy form and increase your supply, as coleus cuttings root easily in water.  Sold in single container.


Lifecycle: Annual
Hardiness: Tender Annual
Size: 1.5' h x 1' w
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Soil: Rich, moist, well-drained
Season: Summer to fall
Color: Bright green with chartreuse accents

Water Use: High Water Use
Watering Details: Water about twice a week (about an inch each time), more during particularly dry spells, as coleus prefers to be kept evenly moist, but never soggy. Containerized plants may need more.
Fertilizer: Mix a time-released fertilizer into growing media or ground prior to planting. A regular application of water-soluble fertilizer is beneficial.
Diseases & Pests: Aphids and whiteflies may appear—prevent or treat by hosing plants down regularly, or misting daily if they are indoors.

'Main Street River Walk' Coleus