Quick to Finish and Super Tender!Terrific disease resistance means big crops every time!  Sold in a four pack.


Now you can grow baby Romaine that matures quickly yet has all the flavor and texture associated with full sized varieties! This seed packet contains equal parts Truchas and Breen, two superior varieties for space-saving, quick-crop delectability.


Truchas is an upright, very disease-resistant Romaine with crimson leaves. Just 6 to 8 inches at maturity, it offers a deliciously fresh, tender bite that manages to stay crisp while also being succulent and mild. Exceptional resistance to downy mildew, tomato bushy stunt viruys, and lettuce mosaic virus.


Breen is a slower-growing, medium red babyleaf with wide, succulent foliage that can be harvested leaf by leaf or whole-head. The perfect complement to Truchas, it stands up to downy mildew and offers rich color as well as complex flavor.

Mini Romaine Blend Lettuce