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The comfy couch of white amaryllises. Big flowers (up to 7½ inches across) open creamy and mature a bright, crisp white with occasional fine fuchsia markings. The petals are broad and rounded and often curl backward at the tips. You can’t sit on them, of course, but it’s OK to give them a gentle caress.  Sold as individual bulb. 


Planting Instructions:

Except where winters are very mild, amaryllis bulbs must be grown indoors in containers. Complete growing instructions are provided in our Planting & Care Instructions. A paper copy of the instructions is enclosed with every order.

In mild-winter areas (see USDA Zones under “Specifications”), bulbs can be planted outdoors. They perform best in partial shade and require well-drained soil. They may need irrigation in dry climates. Once established, they typically bloom in the spring.


Planting date                                       Bloom timeframe
Oct. 15                                                     Nov. 19-Dec. 10
Nov. 1                                                       Dec. 6-27
Nov. 15                                                    Dec. 20-Jan. 10
Dec. 1