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Grow Sweet Bananas on the Patio!  The long, slender fruits turn from bright yellow to rich red!  Sold as single plant.


So much production from such a compact plant! Pageant Hybrid is a patio container variety, just 2½ feet high at maturity, yet beautifully branched and covered with fruit. Save garden space and make the patio or deck sing by finding a big container and letting Pageant grow at your fingertips!

This banana pepper sets heavy yields of 6- to 8-inch fruit. Elongated, flattish, thick-walled, and very flavorful, the peppers reach about 2 inches across at the shoulders, tapering in three lobes to a point. Earlier to mature than most others, this fruit turns from green to yellow to deep red. It can be harvested at any point after turning yellow, and is superb for frying, slicing for fresh eating, and using in salads, sandwiches, and stews.


Pageant owes its heavy yields to a good disease resistance package. It shows particular resistance to bacterial leaf spot, making it a good choice for a wide range of climates. This is no "ornamental" -- its crops are heavy and delicious!

Pageant Hybrid Pepper