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Tender Midgets on Patio-size Plants!  This All-America Selections winner is organic.  Sold as single plant.


Grow little gherkins in patio pots with this award-winning beauty! Parisian Gherkin (don't you love the name?) is one of the very few organic varieties ever to win an All-America Selection! But when the judges saw this compact, semi-vining plant setting masses of scrumptious little black-spined cukes, they had no choice!


Best picked at just 2 to 4 inches long (about 1 to 2 ounces), these cukes are not mushy little fall-aparts. They have texture, grip, and bite. Very crisp and flavorful, they are a delectable treat raw or sliced, but have been labeled gherkins because they hold up so well to pickling, and make the perfect little pickles for gourmet occasions as well as everyday noshing.


The plant reaches just 10 or 12 inches high, but is generously branched and sets about two dozen fruits. Of course, it can be grown in the veggie patch as well as in containers, and shows great vigor in any setting. The disease resistance package of Parisian Gherkin is pretty formidable: cucumber mosaic virus, scab, and powdery mildew are no problem for this powerhouse!

Parisian Gherkin Hybrid Cucumber