The Earliest and Best Container Cherry!  Terrifically disease resistant, with big yields in very little space!  Sold as single plant.


Grow your tomato crop on the balcony or deck this year with Patio Choice! This delightful yellow cherry offers more than 100 mildly flavored fruits in a single, ultra-compact 18-inch plant. You can pop it right into a 10-inch pot, a hanging basket, or even a combo tub with flowering annuals and foliage plants!


Winner of a 2017 All-America Selection for its high yields, super-compact size, and unbeatable disease resistance, Patio Choice Yellow is ready in no time, setting its crop all at once to make harvesting even easier. This is a plant that looks as good as it tastes -- the 1-inch-diameter cherries weigh in at just half an ounce either, but explode with a rich, juicy, mild bite the whole family will love. And with yields like this, you can eat some of the crop right off the plant and still have plenty for canning, saucing, drying, or freezing!


Patio Choice Yellow stands up to heat, humidity, and rain beautifully, and demonstrates great resistance to three common tomato diseases: tobacco mosaic virus (TMV), Verticillium Wilt, and Fusarium Wilt. If you've tried tomatoes before and gotten only poor yields, Patio Choice Yellow will change your mind about how easy and successful this crop really is!

Patio Choice Yellow Hybrid Tomato