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Easy to grow and so useful indoors and out!  Begins blooming in late spring and continues right through fall!


Soft, billowy plumes up to a foot long shimmy and shiver in the slightest breeze, filling the sunny garden with exquisite texture! This Mexican Feather Grass is one of the easiest and most delightful ornamental grasses you can grow, with spring-through-fall color and an unending source of material for fresh and dried arrangements!

In spring the grass emerges as a fat tuft sporting dozens and dozens of slender, fountainous leaves. By late spring this tuft is topped by airy plumes anywhere from 6 to 12 inches long, bright green and so soft that you'll want to plant Ponytails where you can brush it in passing. Gradually the plumes turn from green to gold and then a rich honey-brown by autumn. Expect birds to visit this plant to investigate the seeds drying in the blooms!


Ponytails is a breathtaking landscape accent as well as a fine source of filler for fresh and dried arrangements. In the garden, it loves full sunshine to very light shade, and thrives in poor, dry or sandy soils. Cut a line through the border with this elegant grass, setting off your groundcovers and low-growing plants beautifully. Or use it in a mixed-grass garden, with charming Bunny Tails and magnificent Bronze Carex. It's also a lovely backdrop to spreading Petunias in the bed or containers!


Ponytails is perennial in zones 7-10, but can be grown as an annual everywhere. It tends to self-sow, so it's a fine way to blanket a hot, dry spot of the garden that needs little maintenance! Very drought-tolerant and forgiving of stressful conditions, this Texas native belongs in every sunny garden!

Ponytails Mexican Feather Grass Seeds

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