Portulaca grandiflora Sundial 'Mix'
Rose Moss

Portulaca Sundial Mix's heat loving and drought resistant characteristics make it a superb plant for late Spring and Summer weather. Sundial Mix features a bright combination of fuchsia, magenta, scarlet, tangerine, gold and cream amidst its green trailing foliage. Portulaca Sundial blooms repeatedly all summer long. It has average watering needs so simply water regularly. The Sundial series sets blooms 10-14 days earlier than most varieties. This annual is an excellent performer that requires very low maintenance.  Sold as in single container.


Height: 6-8 Inches

Spread: 14-16 Inches

Attracts Wildlife: Butterflies

Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade

Soil Moisture Preference: Dry / Average

Landscape Uses: Ground Cover, Border or Bed, Mass Planting, Container, Drought Tolerant, Focal Point

Portulaca Sundial 'Mix'