Ranunculus is among the most beautiful of all flowers, but can be intimidating to grow at home. Well, Magic Mix does away with those fears by sporting a dwarf habit, short-stemmed (but big) blooms, and a quicker finish time! Give it a whirl this season and we think you'll be delighted by the lush, bright, many-petaled opulence of this Persian Buttercup.  Sold in single container.


The flowers are fully double, absolutely jammed with petals held in a whorled pattern like Roses, but they are far, far longer-lasting. The colors include bright shades of red, rose, orange, yellow, pink, and white. They appear on 6- to 8-inch stems above the large green foliage of this neat little plant. Expect the plant to reach just 8 to 10 inches high and wide. You never need to stake these blooms!

Habit:  Upright
Flower Time: Spring
Vernalization: Not Required
Height: 4-6"
Exposure: Partial Shade
Width: 4-6"
Color Category: Multi Colored
Color Description: Mixture
Zone: 7-11

Ranunculus 'Magic™ Mix'