Matrona is an old English variety with flat heads of pink flowers on very tall stems. They appear in late summer and will attract great numbers of bees and butterflies. It's large size makes it especially useful in the perennial border. Drought resistant/drought tolerant plant (xeric).  Sold in one gallon container.


'Matrona' Sedum (also called stonecrop) is a gorgeous, pale pink flowering plant with fleshy, gray-green leaves and purple veins and stems. A true sun lover, 'Matrona' blooms in late summer and attracts plentiful pollinators to the garden throughout the fall season. Very showy and tolerant of low rainfall. 


Matrona is always a head-turner in the garden. The stunning red/purple stems shine while supporting big puffs of mauve flowers.


About the Sedums: These perennial plants enjoy gritty, fast-draining soil, and must have full hot sun. Theyre really desert plants, so give them sharp drainage. (Sedums are often called Succulents, due to their thickened moisture-retentive leaves, and yes, the short ones include the famous Hen and Chicks from grandmothers garden.)


Once sedums are established, youve assured yourself of loads of perennial interest for the later months when most garden flowers are gone.


Features to note: 

  • Easy To Grow
  • Attract Butterflies
  • Attract Birds
  • Bee Friendly
  • Deer Resistant
  • Rabbit Resistant
  • Good For Containers
  • Plants For Small Spaces


Light Requirements: Full Sun
Mature Plant Size: 18-24" tall , 12-18" wide
Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall

Common Name: Matrona Stonecrop
Botanical Name: Sedum telephium Matrona
Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Flower Color: Pink
Flower Size: 3-5" flowers
Mature Height: 18-24" tall
Estimated Mature Spread: 12-18" wide
Growth Rate: Medium
Bloom Time: Late summer to early fall
Planting Depth: Crown of plant should rest just at or above the soil surface after watering in.
Foliage: Gray green leaves with burgundy stems.
Soil Type: Sandy Soil, Loamy Soil, Drought/Dry Soil
Soil Moisture: Dry, Average, Well Draining

Sedum Matrona (Stonecrop)