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Caryopteris incana

The hardiest caryopteris yet!  Sunshine Blue II is a new, improved variety of the classic Sunshine Blue, but it's much more tolerant of cold climates. If you've had trouble with bluebeard surviving winter in your area in the past, now's your chance to enjoy the vivid gold foliage and blue blooms of this late blooming favorite. An excellent plant for attracting pollinators!  Sold in 2 gallon container.

Top reasons to grow Sunshine Blue II caryopteris:

  • The hardiest caryopteris yet - survives winter even in the Midwest.
  • Colorful all season, especially late in summer when blue flowers appear.
  • Thrives in hot, dry, sunny spots.


Plant Type: Shrub 

Shrub Type: Deciduous 

Height Category: Short 

Garden Height: 24 - 36 Inches 

Spacing: 24 - 36 Inches 

Spread: 24 - 36 Inches 

Flower Colors: Blue 

Foliage Colors: Yellow 

Foliage Shade: Yellow 

Habit: Mounded 

Container Role: Filler

Light Requirement: Sun

Maintenance Category: Easy

Blooms On: New Wood

Bloom Time: Late Summer/Early Fall

Water Category: Low/Needs Good Drainage

Landscape Uses: Border Plant/Container/Edging Plant/Groundcover/Landscape/Mass Planting

Sunshine Blue® II Bluebeard Caryopteris

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