Sedum japonicum 'Tokyo Sun'
A mat-forming ground cover Sedum that pops bright yellow. It is only hardy to about 10F (zone 8) but it is an eye-catching accent in pots that can overwinter indoors.  Sold in single pot.


The yellow tones need direct sun to stay vibrant and will fade to green if shaded. 'Tokyo Sun' stays under 3.0" tall but spreads and mounds extensively on well-draining soil.


Mature Sedum with established roots can tolerate at least a month of drought.In the summer, large quantities of golden, star-shaped flowers emerge. They add even more depth to this colorful grower and even attract pollinators.


Color- Primary: Yellow / Gold

Color- Secondary: Green / Lime

Bloom Color: Yellow Bloom

Cold Hardiness: Zone 8 (10F)

Light: Full Sun

Maximum Height: 6"-8"

Growth Haibit / Shape: Low Growing / Creeping, Clumping / Mounding

Special Notes: Easy to Propagate, Pet Safe

'Tokyo Sun' Sedum