Wandering Jew Tradescantia zebrina 'Purple'
Wandering Jew Purple is covered with fleshy, oval leaves that are attached to the stem. The leaves are blue-green with two silver stripes running throughout on top and a deep purple on the underside. Wandering Jew, commonly reffered to as 'Inch Plant', is native to Mexico. Wandering Jew is an easy-to-grow trailing plant that requires very little work to maintain. To keep your Wandering Jew plant looking full and healthy, pinch back when the stems get to long!  Sold in singles.


Height: 4-8 Inches
Spread: 10-24 Inches
Landscape Uses: Ground Cover / Container / Mass Planting / Edging / Focal Point / Great Foliage / Border or Bed

Exposure: Sun / Partial Shade
Soil Moisture Preference:  Average / Moist

Wandering Jew Tradescantia 'Purple'