Zinnia hybrida Profusion 'Cherry'
Profusion cherry and orange zinnias are an award winning duo for your garden. Known for their extraordinarily high level of disease resistance, they will produce 2” daisy like blooms of cherry red and sunny orange continuously through September if given just a little TLC.


Zinnias are very user-friendly. They tolerate almost any soil type, prefer well-drained soil and love the heat. You should pinch young stems back to encourage branching. There is no need to deadhead these beauties, as new shoots and blooms will hide older flowers, requiring very little care. They grow in an upright habit and are bushy and compact. They are generally pest free. Try mass planting them in a large area—the beautiful bright colors will look gorgeous! Whether you’re a beginner gardener or have an experienced green thumb, zinnias are a great choice for your garden!  Sold in 4 pack.


Height: 10-12 Inches

Spread: 12-15 Inches

Landscape Uses: Mass Planting / Cut Flower / Drought Tolerant / Focal Point / Border or Bed / Ground Cover / Container

Exposure: Sun

Soil Moisture Preference: Moist

Zinnia Profusion 'Cherry'