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 PP 28086

“When I’m an old woman I shall wear purple,” says the poem by Jenny Joseph.  Black Diamond® says, “Why wait?” The amethyst-hued blooms of Purely Purple™ are equally at home in a classic or contemporary garden design, completing the look wherever it is planted. Masses of vibrant purple blooms balance with elegant black foliage, creating a stunning best-dressed worthy ensemble. Purely Purple™ won’t steal the show, though, growing to a maximum size of 10-12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. If you’re looking for a “necklace” of beauty for your yard, plant Black Diamond® Purely Purple™ as a blooming hedge.  Sold in three gallon container.



  • Driveway and fence border-Plant 12' to 15' apart
  • Flowering hedge-Plant 2' to 3' apart and cut down to 4" tall each winter
  • Plants re-grow to make a 3' to 4' tall flowering hedge each year
  • Patio planter-Plant in a decorative planter at least 12" in diameter



  • Fertilize once per year as new growth emerges
  • Plant in full sun
  • Water thoroughly every other day for first month
  • Prune each Late Winter/Early Spring to achieve desired height and shape

Black Diamond® Purely Purple Crape Myrtle

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