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A container cuke for all climates with big yields on plants just 2 feet wide.  Sold as single plant.


Stunning jade-colored flesh and unmatched sweet flavor make this a superb snacking cucumber. A popular cucumber from northern China, it grows well both in the garden or in the greenhouse. The crop is believed to have been brought from western China to the east during the Han dynasty in 216. Cucumbers have long been selected and perfected in China for sweet, nutty gourmet flavor. This variety is an homage to those many years of natural breeding; the long, slender, thin-skinned fruit will develop without pollination, making a seedless and burpless cuke. In Chinese medicine the cucumber is used as a natural refrigerant in the intense heat of summer. The cooling effect is said to soothe heat-related ailments and even heat-induced bouts of anger! 

China Jade Cucumber

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