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Create your own DIY Succulent Chicken Feeder Planter!  Join us online and we'll walk you through step by step taking a chicken feeder and turning it into a planter filled with succulents  via our video tutorial.   Each kit comes with 13  various succulents, a chicken feeder and all the soil and sphagnum moss needed to create your planter.   Planter is  41" L x 8" T x 4.5" W.  Please note, you have two options of planters - Hardy or Soft.


Hardy: Hardy succulents tend to be able to winter outside in our Zones.

Soft: These succulents can be outside until the first frost when they will need to be moved inside until warm enough to be outside again.


Your kit will be available for pickup curbside during the week of August 15th at our Nursery & Garden Center. The kit will have the information and link to the online video tutorial walking you through step-by-step on how to create yours. Your kit will have all the supplies necessary to create your own planter and care instructions.

Succulent Chicken Feeder Planter

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