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Create your own succulent pumpkin arrangement.  Perfect as a centerpiece or on your porch this Fall season!  Each take home kit includes the items needed to create your own succulent pumpkin!


Succulents have long been a gardener favorite due to their hardiness and ability to survive on very little water.  They have even been termed, the “forgetful gardener” plant for its ability to be forgotten or neglected for longer periods of time and still survive. Your kit may contain a combination of indoor and outdoor perennials.  If you choose to set your arrangment outside, you’ll want to be sure to bring it in before the first frost in our “Hardiness Zone.”  The hardy varieties survive the winter months here, but the other varieties will not.


Caring for your Succulents:
Succulents require little maintenance. If problems do arise, they’re often related to a lack of light or an excess of water.


Light: Succulents need a lot of light to thrive and show their best colors, so indoor plants need to be kept near a sunny window. Outdoor plantings can take full to partial sun; extra shade will protect them from scorching on hot afternoons in summer.


Water: Succulents thrive on deep, infrequent watering with enough time between for the soil to fully dry. Water the moss directly (not the leaves). Watering frequency can vary greatly, so look to the plant and soil for signs of needing more or less frequent water.

Succulent Pumpkin To-Go Kit

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